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 MSN group xD

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PostSubject: MSN group xD   Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:58 pm

dunno if this is in the right place... but i felt its inspirational so... Razz
i created this thread coz i realised that a lot of the posts have been deleted in the msn group to make way for new ones
some are rather encouraging and since there's gonna be a lot prayers posted there, it should be inspirational ^^

as of 21 Jan 2009

Quote :

Notice Board
New Group to let us chat and communicate!~
首页= main page
成员= member
空间=conversation history
设置=setting @ to edit announcement
群公告=notice board
HoHoHo~~2009 is Here?! ya is HERE!!Don't know how the year will be? Don't Worry~Everything will be settled, When God is 1st in your life!
So put as our goal to let God be our 1st in this 2009! Start yr life well by start it RIGHT with our Dear Father ~
Happy new year!
~Yi da xD~~
Just want to say I'm very encouraged by you guys. Truly u all teach me more than I teach u all. I appreciate what all of youhave contributed to the youth and pray that God will use u all to do greater things which have yet to come. Take care always. i luv u guys ^^ muaks


p/s-i wanna propose a daily prayer again. had been thinking la. is if ok we log in at 10pm each day and type our prayer? thanks yingyi for making this group msn... guess i must have been outdated LOL need u guys new blood to come up with interesting ideas. good nite ^^
Hey everyone~Since pepper say wan to have a daily prayer again, I think we can paste our prayer request here..So we don't need wait until friday only can say out lol~~If any Personal prayer request, can PM the people u trust too~
=Prayer is Powerful= time everyday 10pm!!!~
Rmb yr prayer time o!~
Yi da xD
Hi~ just wan to say that this group can be use for discussion if necessary..Due to some of us can't attend cell or after sun meeting, So event leader can set a time for us to online and have discussion. This is just a suggestion for all of u~ ^.^ ~Always Rmb all we do, do it wholeheartedly to God~
This friday cell's at church! come expecting~at830pm..see u guy there^ ^
~Yi da Wulala~
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MSN group xD
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